The ‘Whyalla Solar Oasis’ is a special purpose vehicle established by National Power and Sustainable Power Partners, to develop a commercial scale 40MWe concentrating solar thermal power plant in Whyalla, South Australia.

The Consortium represents an integrated capability which provides for the following critical components of the project:

  • Ownership and access to the technical innovation and intellectual property
  • Capability and capacity to undertake best practice technical design
  • Commercial and financial structuring
  • Construction/development
  • Plant optimisation and commissioning
  • Energy Trading and Market Analysis
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management
  • Retail off-take arrangements and stakeholder management
  • Prudential and federal reporting, corporate governance and compliance.

Sustainable Power Partners

Sustainable Power Partners (SPP) is an originator and developer of renewable power generation projects with a particular focus on large scale Solar Thermal and Solar PV.  Our current projects include the Whyalla Solar Oasis, Queensland Solar Oasis, Mildura Solar Oasis, Mildura Solar Park.

The Directors of SPP have extensive experience in Australian Energy markets covering energy trading, price forecasting, risk management, environmental markets, business development, project financing, regulation and compliance.

N.P. Power Pty Ltd

N.P. Power Pty Ltd, is the principal operating company in Australia for the National Power Group. National Power has expertise and experience across the entire spectrum of successful project development, including operation and maintenance of its projects. National Power’s focus is to develop, own and operate renewable energy and gas powered projects in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Recent power facility developments include:

• 132MW Capital Wind Farm in
   New South Wales
• 132MW Redbank coal tailings
   power station in NSW
• 279MW Lake Bonney Wind
   Farm in South Australia
• 89MW Alinta Wind Farm in
   Western Australia

Wizard Power

Wizard Power is a commercial entity established to commercialise, develop and market the solar thermal technology originally developed by the Australian National University (ANU), it has since established itself as a best practice leader in Solar Thermal Research, Development and Commercialisation. In 2004 Wizard Power secured the global and exclusive licensing rights from the ANU, since then it has undertaken a series of programs to develop globally focused commercially viable solutions for the deployment of Big Dish and related technologies.